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Tracking and evaluating your buzz in social media

The potential vastness of the internet means it is easy to be overloaded with data and it can be difficult to pinpoint the real insights.

iCITE has been specifically designed to filter out general noise and drill through to the key thoughts and messages, not as an end point, but as a start point for human analysis and interpretation.

iCITE stands for Internet Content Influence & Traction Evaluation. However, it is not simply quantitative tracking; it also involves careful human analysis and interpretation of the online "conversations" gathered via the latest internet content aggregator technology, in order to reveal:

  1. What messages are emerging most frequently & whether these are on-strategy or not
  2. How positive or negative the "conversations" are
  3. When the “conversations” are taking place and if they are changing over time
  4. Who is driving the "conversations" (what kinds of communities?)
  5. Where the "conversations" are happening (what kinds of media spaces?)

One of the most important things about iCITE is that it is completely flexible and we work with each of our clients to design the methodology which will best suit the needs of their organisation. The ability to precisely tailor solutions is why we have been so successful working with organisations ranging from:

  1. Companies who want to monitor their buzz online
  2. Advertising / communications agencies pitching for business or working on business who want to find out more about key issues relating to their work
  3. Public sector bodies, ranging from Government departments, to local councils and other public sector bodies (Police, NHS, etc.) who want to track public opinion online