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What's different about iCITE?

We’ve already said that iCITE combines the latest advanced internet search technology with human content analysis. However, the real difference is in the people you will have working with you. At i to i research we bring you over 25 years of expertise across the disciplines of: Social Science; Behaviour Change; Monitoring and Evaluation; PR/brand communications; Regional Expertise and integrated, multi-channel marketing communications/advertising research, internet tracking and online reputation analysis.

None of our projects are “off the shelf”. Nor do we just provide a “feed” of data. Every project is specifically tailored to the dynamics of your organisation, specialisation or subject matter. However, you can rest assured that it is based on sound research principles and an extensive knowledge and understanding of the internet. Data gathered for every client is analysed and interpreted by experienced research professionals, in order to deliver you with insights that will make a real difference to your business and give you a competitive advantage.

Here are a few other features of iCITE tracking you might like to know:

• You choose the time period
Unlike traditional primary market research, this kind of tracking and evaluation can be conducted not only going forward in real-time, but also retrospectively, so you can look back and learn from the past, or monitor from today into the future. You can track as little as a day, a week, or a year – you decide.

• You choose search criteria
You can focus on any aspect of your organisation’s activities – from a specific programme launch, to an ad campaign, or any other issue affecting your organisation (positively or negatively).

• You can integrate this tracking with other intelligence
For many of our clients, we also integrate third party and other tracking data, such as GRPs, web analytics or consumer ad/brand tracking data, in order to provide a powerful overview of the relative contribution of messaging in social media in achieving your communication objectives, compared with other more traditional forms of marketing communication.

As more and more organisations harness the power of the internet to proactively engage with their audience, and build a closer, more responsive relationship with them, so too there is a need to for you to understand what this audience is saying about you. iCITE has already helped clients make a wide range of strategic decisions, varying from spend allocation between different areas of marketing communications, to policy decisions within local Government.